EFTPOS Production & Distribution

As part of a strategic partnership with Ingenico, TELETIC manufactures state-of-the-art payment terminals that meet the latest PCI (PCI 5.x) security standards and are equipped with the latest technologies, particularly in terms of 3G connectivity, contactless, wifi … etc. This will notably ensure a local service, to guarantee a maintenance type Level 3 reactivity including  supply and repair in our workshop centers.

Also, our EFTPOS production plan matches with international standards of quality, safety and respect of the environment. In addition, adherence to manufacturing processes allows us to provide high-quality products with the same characteristics as all products manufactured by INGENICO directly.

Installation and Maintenance EFTPOS

We provide configuration, deployment and maintenance of EFTPOS on all types of electronic payment equipment. In fact, our maintenance center guarantees all levels of maintenance thanks to qualified personnel who are guided by Ingenico After Sales Service experts when needed.

The after-sales service is organized around the TELETIC network as well as the collection points.


TELETIC has developed the M-Pay solution to facilitate payments via Mobile

M-Pay is an application that allows you to execute payments from any location as long as  you have a Smart Phone.


With this type of technology we can substitute the bulky traditional card readers, also mobile payment offers several benefits:

  • Operates 24/24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Uses a Smart Phone, instead of conventional terminals.
  • legal and carried out through the transmission of data on the Internet: 3G or 4G are enough.
  • Allows you to move without too much cash.