Innovation Capacity

We are today the national leader in innovative solutions for the telecom and banking sectors, we provide solutions for electronic payment solution, secure transactions and management of electronic data and telecom.

Whatever the problems that our customers are in affront of, our experience in many fields allows us to offer them solutions and services that simplify their payment.

National Coverage

The TELETIC distribution network covers geographically the 4 regions of the country:

  • Center: 147 points of sale out of 86 communes covered.
  • East: 152 outlets in 77 municipalities.
  • West: 93 outlets on 47 municipalities covered.
  • South: 47 outlets in 28 municipalities.

We have a very dense network with more than 439 points of sale throughout the 48 wilayas.


Data protection is a priority at TELETIC. Also, the installed solution and managed by TELETIC relies on a secure infrastructure and technical equipment connected to banks IT service and electronic banking sites. It meets the requirements of international standards and helps guard against fraud attempts known to date.