Processing Telecoms

The TELETIC cloud hosting service is exclusively intended for operators active in the telecom and banking fields.

The Processing Telecom offers the possibility of centralizing customer data and offering them the possibility to monitor their activities using key indicators (KPIs).


We offer a complete airtime and voucher charging system that provides all postpaid and prepaid collection features as well as easy integrations with third parties and external channels. The solutions include:

  • Manage multi-operator, multi-channel and multi-channel flexy vouchers (EFTPOS, Pc, smartphones, etc.)
  • TopUp reload anywhere anytime via multiple channels
  • Bills payment.
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Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program is intended for companies acting in the distribution, the program’s process consists in transforming the KPIs of distributors into vouchers or Topup.

Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale (EFTPOS) Management

In order to manage your electronic payments, TELETIC provides you software and hardware solutions to ensure secure data and application management and enable highly secured electronic transactions. (maintenance, update, features and follow-ups)